Great moments in science (3)

From US Patent 6,485,773:

This invention, as a drink powder, is used in the following manner: 1. About an hour or so before bed, the male user should ejaculate at least once before taking the invention. 2. Shortly thereafter, the male user pours 21-22 grams of invention into a container of 6 ounces (175 ml) of water. 3. The male user then closes the container with a lid and shake contents vigorously. 4. The male user then drinks contents.

While the invention will enhance semen taste in as little as 12-24 hours, it is recommended that, so as to allow the male physiology time to produce more semen while benefiting from the invention’s attributes, the male user repeat Steps 2-4 for an additional one to two nights.

Apparently, it’s the 38-41% freeze-dried pinapple juice that does the trick.

(via Gayety)