Our friends in the Labor

Our friends in the Labor Party have decided to jump on John Howard’s anti-gay bandwagon and the ALP will now support the government in passing the Straight Australia Act.

Background, for those of you not paying attention: previously the ALP had said it would wait until it had the report of a Senate Committee which is looking into the Bill. Said Senate Committee has been calling for public submissions, the deadline for those submissions was last Friday. In the meantime, something calling itself the National Marriage Coalition has been holding an old-time revival meeting in some tent in Canberra. In between sessions of speaking in tongues and casting out demons, our federal politicians have been falling over one another trying to grab the opportunity to promise the fundies anything they want and to categorically rule out giving queers more rights than dogs.

To say that I’m disappointed would be to create the false impression that I expected anything more from the ALP. I’ve spent my whole life being sold up the river by the Sussex Street Shit Squad, and this is just more of the same. What really makes me cranky is the fact that, come election day, my queer brothers and sisters will be lining up to man the booths, nail up the pole posters and vote “1″ for this pack of cheats. All because Mark Latham is 0.001% less subhuman than Howard. Latham will probably win (and believe me, I’d rather have Ol’ Bitch Tits than the Short Man in a heartbeat) and we’ll be thrilled to receive a crumb or two from the government table. It sucks.

The good news is that there’s a real chance that the Greens will have 8 or 9 Senators (currently: 2) after the poll and we might actually get somewhere for once.