My life with Noni


Oh, bugger. I’ve just realised I have had a life-long relationship with Noni Hazlehurst.

It’s one of those things that occasionally happens as you creep, helplessly, inexorably, towards middle age: sitting in front of the television, watching Better Homes and Gardens, and I think to myself, why am I watching this middle class claptrap?

In a blinding flash, I realise: I’ve spent my entire life with Noni Hazlehurst.

Consider the evidence:

1967: While I’m still a toddler, Noni joins the cast of Play School.
1974: Noni has a continuing role in the TV show I’m never allowed to stay up and watch, The Box.
1974-75: Luckily, I am allowed to watch Australia’s golden-era crims dramas, Division 4, Matlock Police and Homicide. Noni has guest roles in all three.
1982: Just as I’m finishing high school, Noni gives her tour-de-force performance (2 AFI Awards) in the classic Australian coming-of-adulthood grunge masterpiece, Monkey Grip.
1988: I’m old enough to appreciate quality cinema, even flawed work like Noni’s performance in George Ogilvie’s The Shiralee. (Fun Fact: in 1988 I was working for Ogilvie’s agent.)
1996: Noni joins the cast of TV lifestyle program Better Homes and Gardens.
2004: I realise the interconnectedness of my life with Noni’s career…