Are we relaxed and comfortable yet?


The man in this picture is not under arrest. He is being protected by the police officer (who is carrying what I assume is a bottle of capsicum spray) from the mob behind.

The man is being pursued by the mob, part of a 5000-strong rabble that converged on Cronulla Beach in Sydney yesterday, because he is (or at least looks like) a “leb”.

“Leb” is a derogatory term, short for “Lebanese” but referring to anyone of Middle Eastern origin.

Here’s a couple more pictures of the same man, before the police came to protect him:


Yesterday’s riots in Cronulla have left most Australians shocked and have shown in harsh and unforgiving light what a desperately divided, confused and fearful nation we have become under the stewardship of John Howard and his gang.

When Howard became Prime Minister in 1996 he promised that Australia would be more “relaxed and comfortable” under his leadership. Today he has condemned the riots but he has refused to describe the rioters as racist.

Last night on television I witnessed the spectacle of thousands of drunken people waving Australian flags and chanting “Fuck off Lebs! Fuck off Lebs! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Fuck off Lebs!”

If that isn’t racist then what the fuck is?

(Pictures from the SMH photo gallery of the riot.)