Summer holiday – day 4

It’s rather an odd feeling to be back in our old home town. Going on holidays normally engenders a spirit of adventure and energy which is lacking here. We’re having a fine time but the partial familiarity of the environment interferes with the holiday spirit in weird ways.

We’ve spent the last couple of days buzzing about town, mostly in Newtown where we’re staying but also in the city and in Darlinghurst. We visited the MCA yesterday and had a jolly outing to Watson’s Bay on a whim. We have been to numerous gay bars and drunk too much draught VB. Yesterday was Brent’s birthday so we had a celebration dinner.

Looking around this old town, some things have changed (Gowing’s is going out of business!) and some things never change (the lads on King Street are as spunky as ever). C’est la vie (en rose).

Tonight is New Year’s Eve, a big date on Sydney’s calendar with the mandatory pyrotechnics from the bridge. Along with Will and Aaron we’ve been invited to join some new friends, Michael and Jason, on a boat in the harbour for the show; we’re very much looking forward to that and to saying goodbye to a difficult year in style. We’ll need to be reasonably restrained tonight as we have to get to Wollongong tomorrow for my Mum’s birthday, but it should be a fun night.

Here’s a photo I took yesterday of Brent’s feet standing over the scale model of the city that’s set into the floor of the Customs House in Circular Quay. I call this one King Kong in Thongs.

Happy new year. Travel safely. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

King Kong in Thongs