8 May

Dcp 5458

Happy birthday to Jasper, who is seven years old today. That’s 50 in dog years — he is officially middle-aged.

In recognition of this important occasion, may I refer you to this post, from 6 July 2000, when eight-week-old Jasper first came into our lives. (WARNING: cute puppy pictures)

Special Offer: leave a “happy birthday Jasper” message in the comments before midnight tonight and I’ll give him a dog biscuit for you. (Or maybe a carrot or just a pat on the head if there are more than a couple of comments — don’t want him to turn into a weighty boy.)

Today is also Brent and my anniversary — we have been together eight years now. That’s 56 gay years, apparently.

Not sure I agree with the conversion factor but regardless, eight years is a pretty good effort. And I still love the pants off him, just like I always have.

Pkba Onbeach