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Spooks at Live Earth?

A caller to ABC local radio this morning is telling a peculiar story about her experience at the Live Earth concert in Sydney. Jane Simmonds says she was at the concert venue for about eight hours and that sitting near her were two men who spent the entire day taking close-up photographs of people attending the concert. She reckons the guys were obviously not interested in the concert itself but only in taking hundreds of photos of concert-goers.

In the old days we used to play “spot the ASIO photographer” at demos and marches, but surely that kind of stuff doesn’t go on anymore. Most peculiar.

John Howard is a bottom

I’ve been puzzling over this all day. From a report in today’s Age about yesterday’s IR protests:

Indeed, the message du jour — that the IR laws stink and that John Howard is a bottom — was often skewed

Please explain? (Or actually, now that I have that mental image, please don’t.)

Misheard news

US Vice-President Dick Cheney has accidentally shot and wounded a man in a whale hunting accident.

I’m sorry, I’ll just read that again.

Turns out Cheney was hunting quails (or Quayles?), not whales, but my hearing’s obviously not getting any better. The 78-year-old multimillionaire lawyer that Cheney mistook for a small chicken is doing fine, unfortunately, after being rescued by the medical team and ambulance that follows Dick Cheney at all times, just in case he shoots something he oughtn’t.

If only…

If only our Prime Minister was as good a dancer as his Hungarian opposite number:

A video clip [1.4MB WMV file] available on the Internet starts with [Hugh] Grant in the movie Love Actually, in the role of the British prime minister peering out of the window in his room at 10 Downing Street.

But the man who then turns to face the camera is Hungary’s Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, who goes on to dance to a pop song around his study. (ABC/Reuters)

And so he does. Twirling joyfully to the Pointer Sisters’ Jump (For Your Love), no less. And they said disco was dead.

Gyurcsany (video still)

I’m half-tempted to pass this on to DudeTube (NSFW).

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street


I blame the Pope for this

It is our goal to Glorify Jesus Christ by all that we do and help other folks who are struggling with Femdom issues.

We also want to let other Christians who struggle with Femdom malesub leanings know that it is OK to be in a Femdom relationship. It is possible to be in a loving committed Femdom malesub relationship and remain faithful to Jesus Christ.

Christian_FemdomDs welcomes you to our home on the World-Wide-Web (via Memepool)

Impeccable logic


Fred Phelps and his band of crazy hipsters at [godhatesfags dot com] have excelled themselves yet again.

Imbued, no doubt, with substantial quantities of Christmas cheer, Phelps has issued a press release headed “Thank God for Tsunami and 2000 dead Swedes!!!” which explains that the Sumatran earthquake and subsequent tsunamis were sent by God as punishment … to Sweden.

Sweden, you see, has laws prohibiting incitement of hatred of and violence against people on the grounds of, among other things, sexual preference. Unlike many countries, however, you don’t get exempted from this law just because you wear a funny collar and deliver your incitement from a church pulpit. Earlier this year Swedish tubthumper Ake Green found this out the hard way when he delivered a sermon in which he allegedly described homosexuality as “abnormal, a horrible cancerous tumor in the body of society,” and homosexual people as “perverts, whose sexual drive the Devil has used as his strongest weapon against God.”

So God (reasons Fred Phelps in this presser) decided to punish the wicked Swedes by raining down destruction on Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. Why South-East Asia, Fred? Why would He not direct His wrath with a bit more precision? Maybe take out one of Stockholm’s many fine homo bars and discos?

I know He works in mysterious ways and all, but frankly I think His aim would be a bit better.

(The press release is available on the god-hates-huckabees website. I won’t be linking to them lest they picket my funeral.)

Supple and soluble lozenges for actual individuals

Best. Spam. Ever.

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Alan Bennett “comes out fighting”

English writer, actor, playwright Alan Bennett has “come out fighting” or is that “come out, fighting” after an anti-gay bashing according to this article in The Independent.

A violent attack on Alan Bennett, which left him covered in blood and fearing for his life, has prompted the playwright and author to give his first frank account of his sexuality.

Well, yeah, but read a bit further down and it appears the violent attack which propelled 70-year-old Bennett to burst forth yelping “I am what I am” happened in 1992, which, by my reckoning, was 12 long years ago. I might have cared then, but I don’t now.

The episode changed his outlook completely, he says: “To be attacked, beaten up or otherwise abused, and to find the police response one of indifference, is the not infrequent experience of homosexuals, and blacks too … It has been another untold story, though it is better that it should be told. The police protect the respectable, of which I have always been one.”

Finally England has a new Quentin Crisp.