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There is no leather community

(Panel presentation for the Bob Buckley Memorial Lecture, Sydney Leather Pride Week, at the Pride Centre)

I have to admit a sense of déjà vu in being here tonight. The last time I did one of these things was at Kinsella’s during leather pride week in 1997, the subject of that evening’s discussion was "old guard versus new guard" and my evening ended up with some vicious old queen pouring a schooner of beer over my head.

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I heard you on the wireless back in fifty-two…

(Recycled from the House of Love)


Saturday, 3 June, 12:59PM, 2SER-FM Studio 1: Thump, thump, thump …

My heart is beating so fast in my chest I’m certain it will drown out anything I have to say. I’m watching the computer screen on the opposite side of the desk count down the last seconds of the promo that precedes the opening of the show.

Thump, thump, thump. Continue reading

Whole Health

(Originally published in the Sydney Star Observer)

Sexual health, mental health and drug and alcohol issues are the key health concerns which a broad-based ACON should address, according to health professionals working in the gay and lesbian communities. Rather than diluting ACONÂ’s primary focus, they say, ACON will be able to deliver better HIV/AIDS services by taking a more holistic approach. Continue reading

Old Guard, New Guard

My speech from the 1997 Sydney Leather Pride Week debate at Kinsella’s in Sydney

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