Black Thursday

Today’s the last parliamentary sitting day in the current session and, if the pundits are right, the last day before the election. This is from the Senate order of business (“the Red”):

Government business – notice of motion –
No. 4 – Minister for the Environment and Heritage (Senator Ian Campbell) – First reading of the Marriage Amendment Bill 2004 (debate to proceed immediately if agreed to)

So the Straight Australia Bill will, barring an upset, pass through our national parliament today, supported by an unholy coalition of cowardly politicians, religious nutters and hate merchants.

It’s a black day for decency, tolerance and the fair go, and today’s actions will have far-reaching effects on our national psyche and the status of queers in this country. Just you wait and see. For the first time in decades, a law is being passed which retracts, rather than extends, our civil rights.

Hopefully the debate will be at least interesting. I’ll listen in and post any observations that I come up with.

Meantime, this letter should be in today’s Sydney Star Observer:

My boyfriend and I are getting married in Canada on September 25 and no-one is going to take that away from us. John Howard can get fucked. Mark Latham can get fucked. George Bush, Pope John Paul II, Fred Nile, George Pell, Phillip Jensen, Alan Jones, Miranda Devine, Piers Akerman, Brian Harradine and Phillip Ruddock can all get fucked.

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