I do, I did

There hasn’t been much time, and even less net access, lately, to post. There still isn’t, but I figure I owe you guys at least a quick rundown of last weekend’s nuptials.

The venue was absolutely amazing — more spectacular, comfortable and welcoming than we dreamed it could be. Everyone was blown away by our choice of location and our luck in finding such a great place, sight unseen, on the internet.

View from our front porch at Nipika

The day of the ceremony was perfect: blue skies and not a cloud in them, so we got our wish and were able to have the ceremony outside, in a spectacular wild location above a canyon with a raging waterfall.

Our wedding ceremony

The celebrant was lovely, we had three beautiful readings from WH Auden, Walt Whitman and Christopher Marlowe, some tears were cried (including by yours truly) and rings were exchanged. “By the authority vested in me by the Province of British Columbia, I now pronounce you husband and husband,” said the celebrant, and the deed was done.

Brent and Paul - just married

These are the vows we wrote for ourselves:

I take you, Brent, to be my husband, lover and best friend and these things I promise to you:
I will be true to you.
I will respect, trust, help and care for you.
I will honour our past, treasure our present and build our future together.
I will share my life with you
For the rest of our lives.

More, including lots more photos, later. But before we leave, here’s one more. I’ll write later about how supportive and into the spirit all of Brent’s family were, but in the meantime, this is us with Brent’s Uncle who really got into the party spirit and chose to come to the wedding in a kind of septuagenarian Village-People-meets-the-Little-House-on-the-Prairies drag:

Uncle Fat