Reasons to be cheerful

After my moaning and groaning about being blue the other day, I’ve decided to pull myself up by the bootstraps and count my many blessings. Probably nothing I need to do in public (but that could be said of many things I’ve done) so here goes:

marriage certificate

Part One

My marriage certificate arrived in the post yesterday. It’s very official, with lots of engraved scrollwork, maple-leaf watermarks and suchlike. It’s a trivial thing really, just a piece of paper. Cost me a hundred bucks (plus drinks and airfare), now I can’t decide whether to frame it or fax it to the Pope.

It’s a queer old world, where people get so worked up over a little piece of paper.

Part Two

Regular readers of this page will know that I’m not the sort to blow my own trumpet, going on and on at length about my many achievements and accomplishments. Indeed, my modesty is just one of my many endearing features.

But I do feel I should mention something that happened last weekend.

HIV media award

I had a couple of phone calls last week encouraging me to get along to the Annual Meeting of PLWHA Victoria. This might have given me a hint that something was up, but it’s not that unusual to be encouraged to attend a meeting of this or that community organisation. Usually the encouragement has to do with ensuring there are sufficient numbers of people to make the meeting worthwhile,

No, I had no clue that I was being set up for a prizegiving. The award in question is PLWHA Vic’s annual HIV Media Awareness Award. I’m very honoured and proud. Also pissed off that I wasn’t tipped off in advance so I wouldn’t have to actually be there to accept the honour.

I’ve occasionally had a gong or two conferred upon me over the years, but I’ve always managed to avoid the actual conferring. I never know what to say, and I’m a crap public speaker.

The citation for the award says I’ve

shown a particular expertise at being able to present complex treatment concepts to his readers in a readily accessible way. He has introduced a new design to the publication and ensured that it is the most read and respected HIV journal in the country.

Part Three

Spring is here, Summer is very much on the way. My man loves me, I love being married to him, I’m healthy, busy, wide awake, and just shaggable enough.

Sometimes you have to cheer yourself up :-)