From tough to ENUF

It’s World AIDS Day this Saturday, and it would seem I’ve reached elder statesman status. One of our local LGBTI community papers, Melbourne Community Voice, interviewed me on the ways HIV has changed, and the challenges ahead.

Kidd notes that while physical well being has greatly improved, the negative impacts of stigma and discrimination have remained from the earliest days of HIV response. The image of the notorious ‘Grim Reaper’ advertising campaign has lingered along with negative perceptions of HIV and people with HIV for two long.

“I’ve never been a big fan of the Grim Reaper campaign. It did bring HIV – or AIDS as it was then – into the minds of the broader public but it was in a way that was not compassionate and there has been some analysis suggesting that when a lot of people saw that ad they thought of the Grim Reapers that were bowling down ordinary Australians as being gay men.”

“In some ways it contributed to that stigma.”

You can read the full interview online.