About this site

Buggery.org—the successor to an earlier internet project, www.houseoflove.com.au—is a repository for the ideas that excite me, the questions that trouble me and the challenges that face me (even if they don’t concern anyone else). This is a project in self-documentation, experimentation, communication and frustration. In one form or another I have been doing this since 1996.

This site is about life, death, HIV/AIDS, politics, activism, anti-imperialism, religion, science, beauty, truth and love. And, yes, buggery.

My hope is that by sharing these things, thinking out loud, having the courage to step onto the soapbox, I’ll help myself make sense of the world, and maybe get in touch with a few kindred spirits in the process. If you find you enjoy the content of this site, please let me know. Encouragement, criticism and connection are the things that keep me going.

This site is not about preaching trite homilies, peddling consumer goods, destroying individuality, or maintaining the status quo. If that’s what you’re looking for, try www.starbucks.com.

This site is copyright—I enjoy bringing this work to you but I ask that you respect the effort it takes to produce it. Your use of this site is subject to these terms of service.

This is not a porn site, although there might be a couple of photos of me in the nude here and there if you search hard enough. As anyone who’s ever seen me in the nude will tell you, that ain’t porn.

This site is suitable for children, although it deals with adult subject matter in a frank manner and should be used under adult supervision, much like the rest of the internet and the human universe in general. Teach your kids to think; don’t hide the world away from them.

This site supports standards for an accessible web, although it does not (quite) comply with them — I’m working on that.

Welcome. Don’t mind the mess. And enjoy your stay.