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So, you’ve found your way to, you’ve either loved or loathed it and you want to get in touch to tell me how I inspired you/ruined your life/need salvation by accepting Jesus as my personal saviour (no, please don’t). Here’s the skinny on that.

  • You can email me at ” . antispambot(“”) . ““; ?>. I love getting email, as long as it’s not offering me penis enlargement pills or 9e||er1c W1a9ra, and I sort-of-guarantee I’ll write back, at least to say “thanks, but I already have a personal saviour.”
  • If you’re the instant messaging type, I’d love it if you put me on your contact list and said “hi” from time to time. I’m on Jabber/GTalk as , on MSN as , and on Yahoo as cybrspunk. I used to have an ICQ account too but it was pwned by some Russian punk because it was only five digits long. ICQ is teh SuxxOrs.
  • If neither of those appeal, you could always leave a comment somewhere on the site, you could send me a Telex via my Agent-General in Ceylon, or write your message on a piece of paper, seal it securely in a bottle, and cast it to the fickle ocean…