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Congratulations California


Above: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom officiates at the marriage of Del Martin, 87, and Phyllis Lyon, 83, who have been together 56 years but are legally married only today.

Some moments speak for themselves. Anything I could say in commentary would only be fluff. And anyway, I have tears in my eyes.

Photo: AFP

Cheer, cheer, the red and the white

Took my husband and my mother-in-law to the footy last night.

Paul, Brent and Diana on the way to the footy

A big game with much at stake and a huge result. Sydney are through to the grand final.

I bent over backwards to ensure we had tickets to this game, despite the predictions that we’d be going home disappointed I had a feeling in my waters that we could be in for a thriller. An amazing atmosphere with more than 73,000 people at the MCG, of whom about 80% were barracking for the other team. Outnumbered but not outclassed.

Because of the scramble for tickets I was sitting away from Brent and Mom, who were in the public seats while I was in the members’ area, but I understand that she got right into the spirit of the event, perhaps even telling Umpire McLaren to “pull a jumper on, ya mug.” Or maybe I’m projecting.

So next week we’re in with a chance at the premiership and by crikey I’ll be there. Sydney have not won the flag since 1933, so we’re definitely overdue.

As my brother Bill sometimes says, who’d have thought so many people could be so interested in watching a bunch of blokes kick a bag full of air around a paddock?

(If the photo above looks a bit odd, it’s because I took it with my Treo under a sodium vapour discharge lamp at the railway station on the way to the game, so it came out in puke yellow and baby-poo brown, and I recoloured it).