His husband

I know I’ve been lucky before. I’ve been loved by some very special men. But this time, somehow, I hit the jackpot.

Obelisk beach, Sydney, 2001-10

My man is sweet, kind, sexy and smart. He supports me, adores me, holds me and gives me his heart every day and night .. I am astonished to have been so blessed.

For seven years now, we have created a life together that is sane, sustainable and overflowing with joy. Our life is not always easy — we both have to deal with the reality of having HIV and of working in the HIV sector, and that’s not the easiest ride in the world. We’ve had to work our way through the tangled web that is the immigration process, and that took its toll on our mental wellbeing and was an intrusion on our lives we could well have done without. But everthying that does not destroy us makes us stronger.

I gave up forecasting the future a long time ago but I really believe this is forever.

Let me count the ways…

He’s obviuously a special kind of guy, but why this special man in particular? Here’s a few reasons.

Our side of the mountain

The story of our love affair … so far.

  • Chapter One: IN WHICH I Get Started on This Venture.
  • Chapter Two: IN WHICH I Meet One of My Own Kind and Have a Terrible Time Getting Away.
  • Chapter Three: IN WHICH Trouble Begins.