Our Side of the Mountain: Chapter 2

IN WHICH I Meet One of My Own Kind and Have a Terrible Time Getting Away

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Saturday, 8 May 1999. It’s the last day of Leather Pride Week, and as usual I’m on my way to the Inquisition dance party at the Dome. My housemate Michael suggests that I tag along with him and his boyfriend beforehand – they’re going for pre-party drinks at a friend’s house: that nice Brent Allan and his boyfriend. Needless to say, I don’t have any better offers.

We rock up to Brent’s apartment and he’s just as gorgeous as ever, very sweet and social and welcoming, as is his boyfriend, Peter. We have a few drinks and chat and get ourselves in the mood to party the night away. Brent and I talk for a while… not the usual fag small-talk but we talk about something. I am very struck by how intelligent he is. Handsome, sexy and smart too. We all head off to the party.

And it’s a great party. I love Inquisition – it always feels very much like ‘my’ crowd. As usual I’m working the dance floor in my way, seeing lots of old friends and making the occasional new one. I haven’t seen Brent, but he’s not much on my mind – he’s taken, after all, and I have plenty to keep me occupied. "Still," I think, "he’s been very sweet and friendly; I’d like to have a dance with him tonight."

Eventually our paths cross. We dance together a little while, all very proper and polite. "He is very sexy, wearing just those black leather jeans," I think. "Great body, too. Man, this E is alright. Maybe if I just get a little closer…" Like a magnet, my lips find his. For just a moment, we kiss. Then … he disappears.

"Uh-oh, scared him off: I guess the attraction’s not mutual." Just as well there’s plenty more fish in the sea.

A little later I find him next to me again, and we dance some more. I’m pleased to find he’s quite friendly now, and this time it’s his lips that find their way onto mine. Then, without warning, he utters those three magic words:

"Wanna get fucked?"

I should explain a couple of things. Firstly, I go to dance parties to dance and play, but I never have sex there. Well, almost never. And secondly, I’m a top. I never get fucked.

Well, almost never.

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