Our Side of the Mountain: chapter 3

IN WHICH Trouble Begins

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The next few weeks were, well, interesting. Of course we kept seeing each other — that night at Inquisition had turned out to be pretty spectacular — but with Brent still in a relationship, and me only barely out of one, it wasn’t exactly a straightforward situation. I decided to play it cool.

We went to the movies together. I told myself, "Play it cool: just enjoy the movie." We ended up snogging and never saw the film.

We went for dinner. I told myself, "Play it cool: we’ll eat, we’ll chat, we’ll say goodnight." We ended up fucking.

We went to a dance club. I told myself, "Play it cool: his boyfriend will be there." We ended up in a Silver Room where he told me he was falling in love with me.

So much for playing it cool.

My housemate Michael took me for a walk. With his usual incisiveness he asked the sixty-four thousand dollar question:

"If you keep seeing him, are you prepared to accept the consequences?"

Consequences? Sounds like something I should be afraid of, but it just made me want him more. "If there are to be consequences," I thought, "let’s have them."

Eventually, we went to Melbourne — we had to, to do the one thing we hadn’t been able to do in Sydney: sleep together, all night long, in the same bed. I held his hand on the plane and I think I knew we were on our way to somewhere even more exciting than The World’s Most Liveable City.

And we did sleep together: his arms wrapped around me, his breath upon me, I dared to dream of sleeping in his arms like this forever.

The next night we headed off to the Redemption leather dance party at the Dome nightclub. Again augmented by a little love potion, we found our way into a private corner. As we held each other, close and closer, I felt my heart swell like it might burst with love for this extraordinary man.

From the Dome in Sydney to the Dome in Melbourne, from one leather party to another, with all of the furtive, secret and magical moments we stole in between. Our journey had begun. To hell with the consequences.

< to be continued >